Media & Technology: Redlight Greenlight 123

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Get Out Of My Garbage

So, I'm reading Media Post's monthly publication Media and came across an article on consumer's time and how it relates to advertising. It was written by the VP, Director of Research and Consumer Context Planning of MediaVest, a proclaimed "full-service media specialist company that offers brand-building results and business solutions and business solutions for their marketing partners." Essentially, what she says she does, is try to get into people's business to find out what advertising works for them, so Media Vest can tell their client. If allowed, she'll look in your frig, look in your panty drawer, and rummage through your garbage just to get insight into what makes you tick. Now that time is such a hot commodity for today's busy lifestyles, businesses want to know where the most effective and unique place is to advertise. Want to get personal and invade your "me" time? How about a urinal? CMT did it for their Outlaws concert. I mean why not. Men have to look down anyway, don't they? Because I don't know. It's how people get rid of their internal trash. Or how about on garbage cans? Not ours, of course (maybe not now at least), but the ones on the streets of New York. Signs on trash recepticles. ReceptaSign. Times Square is filthy with them. Personally, I wouldn't want to associate my product with garbage. I've seen everything from TV shows to fashion to movies advertised on these fancy trash bins, but all I can think is "that's garbage." Something somebody didn't want somewhere was thrown into these recepticles to be THROWN AWAY.

What killed me about this article was that she had the nerve to say, probably with a straight face, is that she "believes that ultimately, I am helping to make your life a little better." OK. Thanks. Because you know, I didn't know that I needed that pain medicine for my headache. Here I thought I just had to live with it. Yes, I know that she wants me to think of her client, Bayer, when I do have a headache, but sheesh, GET OUT OF MY GARBAGE.

Subservient Chicken Meet Smoking Chimp

I had completely forgotten about the subservient chicken until our class this week. The only thing I really recall from revisiting the site was a bunch of us at work trying to get the chick to flip us "the bird." We wanted it to do something foul (pun intended), but it just walked up to the screen (the camera) and shook his head and finger gesturing "ah ah ah." I don't remember if I noticed that it was a viral marketing campaign from Burger King, but what a cool tool that subsequently generated quite a bit of press. As someone stated in class, people are tired of being marketed to, so this was effective, only if people were conscious, or even curious enough, to realize it was BK. I wonder how many unique impressions it actually received? In the age of constant viral marketing, emailing jokes, audio clips, prayers, and the list goes on, I'm sure this chicken was reached worldwide.

And now here's a video clip from South Africa that I'd like to share with the class. Just when you thought you had seen it all, especially since most of us live in the "been there, done that, seen that, nothing shocks me" state of New York, here comes something out of this world, or at least out of this country. The Smoking Chimp. Yes, a chimpanzee that smokes...literally. So, the first thing you have to ask yourself is WHY would anyone give an animal a smoke? Here's my reasoning since we're discussing viral marketing and how that potentially adds up to increased revenue...the zoo's sales are down. You decide.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Blog = Chi-Ching?

If it wasn't for my New Technologies in Advertising and Public Relations class at NYU, I would have probably never discovered blogging or even really cared. There's a 20-year old in my department, well, I think she's 20, and the day after my first class I asked her about blogging since she once mentioned that she had one. She wouldn't give me her blog address because it had been awhile since she posted anything to it, but did give me some of the ones she follows, created by her friends. I won't mention them here because I haven't visited them...yet. I don't suppose we would share the same interests, me being (ehem) just a few years older, so I'm not pressed.

What I want to know is when do people find the time to add daily content to their blog? I mean, I am so time stressed it's ridiculous. I have a full-time job, go to school, try to find time to workout (I've been looking for time for years, so please, if you see it, tell it to come home), attend church services, and then have about a half hour to play with my friends and family. I haven't been exposed to the blog world long enough to dismiss it, but I can only forsee blogging as a part of my daily routine if the discussions are THAT intriguing OR if it generates income. So now, of course, I'm trying to think of something that I am completely interested in that can keep the income coming in. Chi-ching.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

New York - the media mayhem capital

I work in Times Square in NYC. For those of you who have visited, depending on where you're from, it's probably a pretty amazing public display. I guess I would feel the same way if I didn't HAVE to see the inundation of advertising all vying for my attention. Most New Yorkers will agree that nothing really breaks through the clutter. Well, maybe every once in awhile you witness a domination of one advertiser during certain intervals because they've literally taken over the area. But if you're like me, it's nothing really exciting. Nothing that a few gazillion dollars couldn't buy. So what they took their entire annual media budget to light up the square? Yeah, they got some press and increased sales somewhat, but what about the woman in the cab trying to get to her job interview on time but couldn't because of (here's my use of a military term my friend taught me) nut to butt traffic?

Some of the "live entertainment" marketing I've seen in the square was pretty cool. Like when VH1 executed a street team promotion with a crew of EMS, Emergency Music Service, I think, workers trying to get the public aware of their latest annual concert, Save The Music. Yanno, that foundation they have to save music programs in public schools. The EMS folks were outside with instruments trying to get passers-by to literally "save the music" by giving it mouth-to-mouth resuscitation or shocking it with imaginary paddles. Yeah, I joined in. I got involved. I also watched the show. I wish they would have had one of those "here's what's up next" kind of updates like most news programs have now so you know when to tune-in because I only wanted to see Alicia Keys, John Legend, and Donna Summer. I also wish they kept the Divas concert, but then again, they ran out of Divas years ago.

Another piece of "live entertainment" is the Naked Cowboy. Nope. He's not completely naked. He's armed with a cowboy hat, cowboy draws, cowboy boots, and his trusty geetar. He actually has a website and sells his music. Go figure. ONLY in New York.