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Monday, May 23, 2005

Blog = Chi-Ching?

If it wasn't for my New Technologies in Advertising and Public Relations class at NYU, I would have probably never discovered blogging or even really cared. There's a 20-year old in my department, well, I think she's 20, and the day after my first class I asked her about blogging since she once mentioned that she had one. She wouldn't give me her blog address because it had been awhile since she posted anything to it, but did give me some of the ones she follows, created by her friends. I won't mention them here because I haven't visited them...yet. I don't suppose we would share the same interests, me being (ehem) just a few years older, so I'm not pressed.

What I want to know is when do people find the time to add daily content to their blog? I mean, I am so time stressed it's ridiculous. I have a full-time job, go to school, try to find time to workout (I've been looking for time for years, so please, if you see it, tell it to come home), attend church services, and then have about a half hour to play with my friends and family. I haven't been exposed to the blog world long enough to dismiss it, but I can only forsee blogging as a part of my daily routine if the discussions are THAT intriguing OR if it generates income. So now, of course, I'm trying to think of something that I am completely interested in that can keep the income coming in. Chi-ching.


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