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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Get Out Of My Garbage

So, I'm reading Media Post's monthly publication Media and came across an article on consumer's time and how it relates to advertising. It was written by the VP, Director of Research and Consumer Context Planning of MediaVest, a proclaimed "full-service media specialist company that offers brand-building results and business solutions and business solutions for their marketing partners." Essentially, what she says she does, is try to get into people's business to find out what advertising works for them, so Media Vest can tell their client. If allowed, she'll look in your frig, look in your panty drawer, and rummage through your garbage just to get insight into what makes you tick. Now that time is such a hot commodity for today's busy lifestyles, businesses want to know where the most effective and unique place is to advertise. Want to get personal and invade your "me" time? How about a urinal? CMT did it for their Outlaws concert. I mean why not. Men have to look down anyway, don't they? Because I don't know. It's how people get rid of their internal trash. Or how about on garbage cans? Not ours, of course (maybe not now at least), but the ones on the streets of New York. Signs on trash recepticles. ReceptaSign. Times Square is filthy with them. Personally, I wouldn't want to associate my product with garbage. I've seen everything from TV shows to fashion to movies advertised on these fancy trash bins, but all I can think is "that's garbage." Something somebody didn't want somewhere was thrown into these recepticles to be THROWN AWAY.

What killed me about this article was that she had the nerve to say, probably with a straight face, is that she "believes that ultimately, I am helping to make your life a little better." OK. Thanks. Because you know, I didn't know that I needed that pain medicine for my headache. Here I thought I just had to live with it. Yes, I know that she wants me to think of her client, Bayer, when I do have a headache, but sheesh, GET OUT OF MY GARBAGE.


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