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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Subservient Chicken Meet Smoking Chimp

I had completely forgotten about the subservient chicken until our class this week. The only thing I really recall from revisiting the site was a bunch of us at work trying to get the chick to flip us "the bird." We wanted it to do something foul (pun intended), but it just walked up to the screen (the camera) and shook his head and finger gesturing "ah ah ah." I don't remember if I noticed that it was a viral marketing campaign from Burger King, but what a cool tool that subsequently generated quite a bit of press. As someone stated in class, people are tired of being marketed to, so this was effective, only if people were conscious, or even curious enough, to realize it was BK. I wonder how many unique impressions it actually received? In the age of constant viral marketing, emailing jokes, audio clips, prayers, and the list goes on, I'm sure this chicken was reached worldwide.

And now here's a video clip from South Africa that I'd like to share with the class. Just when you thought you had seen it all, especially since most of us live in the "been there, done that, seen that, nothing shocks me" state of New York, here comes something out of this world, or at least out of this country. The Smoking Chimp. Yes, a chimpanzee that smokes...literally. So, the first thing you have to ask yourself is WHY would anyone give an animal a smoke? Here's my reasoning since we're discussing viral marketing and how that potentially adds up to increased revenue...the zoo's sales are down. You decide.


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