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Saturday, June 18, 2005

AD ON THAT NOTE - June 18, 2005

Found these articles online regarding advertising and technology. Whenever I find some interesting reads as it relates to our discussions, I'll post them under "Ad on that note."

Here's a really quick article on how print newspaper readers are slowly switching to getting their news online. Seems like the competition is from within the companies now and how does that affect advertisers? Buy a print ad, but here's some added value online? I'm one of those people who has switched about 70% of my news updates online. Besides The NY Times and those fairly new "free" newspapers I read in the morning, I really look for the latest online or MSNBC on TV)...

In-game advertising. Tracking impressions. Leave my game alone. Does actual advertising in more life like games, such as those when you're in a city, make the gamers feel like they are playing in the real world or do they not like having their game space invaded by intrusive ads?

More and more radio stations are becoming confused. With the advent of MP3 players, XM, Sirius, and consumers listening to what they want when they want, in a frantic attempt to attract listeners, and a bad move in my opinion, many Hot AC stations are flipping their formats to a more diverse playlist and calling their new format the Bens and Jacks of the world (among other names - what about the Tanyas or the Jessicas). Anyway, Clear Channel, the biggest radio station owner, wants their listeners tracked more effectively (probably because these brain surgeons are also the biggest booboo heads who decided to make the flips and they're probably losing their audience). Also, these stations now have less ad inventory. Hmm...


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