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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Being Bobby BS

Public relations at its finest. And whadaya know. Just in time for the premiere of his reality series on Bravo, Being Bobby Brown.

Tonight Dateline NBC featured a "candid" interview with the famous/infamous (you decide), R&B crooner, bad boy Bobby Brown, amongst other stories. Dateline, in their genius and likely a demand of the BB camp, aired the segment during the last 15 minutes of the program (well, less than that without commercial interruption) because they knew it would quench the insatiable tabloid thirst of viewers. The point of this pointless interview was to plug the show and for Mr. Telephone Man to basically remind the audience, once again, not to judge him or his family, meaning Whitney Houston. Yet, he now has a "reality" show where people will do just that. Reality shows are already suspect, so why put himself out there? What exactly is real and what is scripted anyway? Will viewers see the "real" Brown family, raw and uncut or will they see who people think they are, leaving what's "real" on the cutting room floor? Whatever the reality, it's his "prerogative, he can do what he wants to do." Big hug Bobby. Do you!


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