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Saturday, June 04, 2005

Riddle Me This

Brands are successfully built, publicly relatable and well advertised (even if by word-of-mouth) when they can be substituted for the product, like in everyday conversation. Think about it. Little Jimmy bruises his knee while playing tag. Mommy doesn't reach for an adhesive strip. She reaches for a Band-Aid. For Mommy, the Band-Aid is a healer. Tanya's lips are cracked from the cold. She doesn't pull out the petroleum jelly from her cosmetic kit. She pulls out the Vaseline. For Tanya, Vaseline is a soother. The same is true for Google, the Internet's most used search engine, although for many, it's so much more. For some, it's a means of getting their mothers flowers on Mother's Day. For others, it's a way of finding a local spot to hang out at in an unfamiliar town. If anyone wants to know anything about anything in the free world, they don't do a search, they Google it. How powerful is a brand when people are conditioned to equating it for its product? As powerful as it gets.


  • This is going to make me re-think my whole use of the English language. I would've never known that the brand was Vaseline, and the product was petroleum jelly. I feel so marketed. Arghhhh!!

    By Blogger Kamal, at 1:30 AM  

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