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Sunday, June 05, 2005

Two P's In A Podcasting

Now that I've finally got blogs (web logs) pretty much figured out, here comes a new term and its technology to figure out...podcasting. Not even knowing what it was, I presumed from the name that it had something to do with broadcasting to and/or from Apple's IPOD. It's the same premise as blogging, except that it's heard and not read (although I believe you can upload audio files to a blog). Anyone with a voice (which doesn't necessarily mean they have something worth saying), microphone, computer and Internet connection can produce and publish an audio show for the entire world to hear (which doesn't necessarily mean someone is listening). Also, there doesn't appear to be any palpable parameters into making one (again, anyone with a voice). From what I've been reading, the initial podcasts were planned to be used with IPODs, but now it's possible through most digital audio players. Just another sign of the times because there seems to be a wave of technological advancements that allow the public to possess the power of when and what content is received.

I'm also presuming that most podcasts are original content, like opinions expressed about a topic, or music from indie and unsigned artists looking for another means of shopping their demos. Anything else that is owned by someone would require a right and a clearance to use it because then it's a copyright issue.

OK. I counted more than two "P"'s, 17 actually, but you get my point (18).


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