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Sunday, June 19, 2005

When Is Mute Moot?

When my dad watches sports on TV, especially basketball, he normally mutes it because to him the commentators don't know diddly and they very obviously favor a team or player. He'd rather sit in silence then listen to their dribble (get He'll also keep the volume off because the commercials are annoying. Have you ever noticed that your volume goes up when the commercials come on? Advertisers know that commercials warrant kitchen or bathroom breaks. He doesn't read many magazines because they are laden with advertising. He takes great stakes to install pop-up blockers and to scan his system for adware software because he hates to be advertised to and to be tracked. He rarely watches broadcast news, or for that matter TV shows in general, because there's about three top media conglomerates that own all the networks, which means that one brain spits out the same information. They air what they want us to watch or know.

My dad basically tries to mute most of the advertising around him, but when is mute moot? When we no longer have control, or for that matter choices, of what we encounter. But think about it though. Where is there no advertising?


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