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Sunday, July 10, 2005

And They Say I Can't Take It With Me

Nowadays, every company wants consumers to have it "their way," whatever that way is. BK's motto is just that, "Have It Your Way." When users log on to their customizable sites, whether they are banking, shopping, or listening, they have the option to format their page to look a certain way and it's all "their" information. My way. My time. When I want it. Where I want it.

Well, here's the latest in "my, my, my," Slingbox. You can't set up your TV at work (literally, bringing YOUR TV to work), but you can watch your TV from any Internet connected computer. For a mere $250.00 (I say this facetiously), you can have your very own personal slingbox that enables you to watch your television's programming through your home network. You can change channels as if you were sitting at home and watch your Tivo'd episodes of The Surreal Life or Girlfriends (I Love Girlfriends). But, I think this device is more apropos for daytime shows that are a don't miss (like when the ladies at my job alert everyone that Oprah is airing her "give away expensive donated products to the audience in exchange for brand/company exposure and make viewers drool realizing that in their lifetime they can never afford anything remotely close to that" show). There are some cons, like not being able to work with high-definition video, but it does support other video sources, like DVRs and VCRs. You also can't use any other software besides theirs to configure your computers . Wait a minute! I thought everything was about me?


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