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Sunday, July 24, 2005

From Urinals To Taxi Cabs

My point exactly. No space is safe. From urinals to taxi cabs, advertisers will find a way to get their message out there. These two locations are definitely places where they have the consumer's undivided attention.

Appropriately named, Wizmark created "the world's first and only interactive urinal communicator," according to its website (pictured above). It can talk, sing, flash name it. Men, it's not like you can comfortably have a wandering eye when taking care of business, so the only place to look is down. Talk about targeted advertising. Hitting your mark.

Interactive Taxi makes wireless, interactive touch screens for the back of taxi cabs. It's free for passengers to use and they can get diverse information from the latest news to the latest movie releases. What better way to distract passengers from getting nauseas from those lead foot scourges of the road.


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