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Saturday, July 02, 2005

The Online Eye

So, now thanks to our guest speaker, John Heartfield, author of Make Your Small Business Website Work: Easy Answers to Content, Navigation and Design, I have the online eye and on website watch.

I am ripping up (redlight) and bigging up (greenlight) websites left and right. The point of a user-friendly design is to focus on the target user, not centering on the mechanics and engineering and incorporating technologies just because you can. So what you're an astronomy site and can code HTML to have a comet follow my mouse's every move. That's distracting. Don't do it. Leave it in the sky.

My time is precious people, so the minute I have to figure out how to get around or use a website, I'm outta there. I should leave a site quickly not because I'm frustrated trying to locate what I want, but because I found what I wanted quickly, making me want to return to the site thanks to the ease of navigating. As our professor and John pointed out, I should only have to spend time with discovery or research sites, where I'm expected to spend time.


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