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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Review - Cowon iAudio X5

My friend just bought a Cowon iAudio X5, which is a digital audio and video player. It's pretty cool from the 5 minutes I spent with it. It's about the size of the Apple iPod, has a nice, clean design, FM radio, and voice recorder. His had a 20GB HD. The screen was very bright for looking at pictures and videos. It felt very delicate, so if you're a clutz don't buy it. There's a play button on the front and all the other controls were on the side, so that made it awkward to function. There's also a slot at the bottom for hooking up an adapter for USB and other plug-ins, which meant that if you lost it, you're screwed and have to buy another one. Maybe if I had one, I could go into a deeper review (hint).
Picture credit: Cowon America


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