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Saturday, July 09, 2005

Space Suit (it's not what you think)

It's called wearable computing or technology and considered to be an extension of ourselves. Much like a bat is an extension of a player's arms or nails an extension of fingers.

The design of this space suit needs some work, but the concept is genius, especially since the creators were thinking of me - a New Yorker who yearns for her space not being invaded everytime she walks out of her already crowded apartment. It's a dress that the wearer can inflate whenever she feels like someone is stepping into her personal space. Ut oh, you're too close buddy...go-go gadget inflato dress and POOF! My space is now my own again. And I am VERY much into MY space not being compromised. For instance (and any New Yorker will understand when I say this), when I'm in a relatively empty train car and someone sits RIGHT NEXT TO ME! WHY?!?!? All this space and you want to be up under me? Depending on my mood, I'll either move, ask the person why they sat next to me, or start coughing violently. That'll get'em.

Here's another concept I can appreciate. BYOB. No, I'm not a functioning alcoholic. This acronym is Build Your Own Bag. According to, "the BYOB creators see the project as 'a flexible, computational-enhanced modular textile system.' That's geek talk for taking movable squares and shaping them into desired fashions. The pattern on this prototype is cute, too, but they should have used a more obvious female hand model because you really can't tell from the picture.


  • I hear you! I can't stand being in crowded spaces myself, it drives me nuts. NYC is a tough place to be for people with our condition. I really loved the idea of the space suit -- it's just that wearing it would probably make me feel claustrophobic...

    By Blogger Gerdi, at 9:06 PM  

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