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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

You Have :59 To Kick A Freestyle

That's VH1's latest online promotion. You have :59 to prove you can spit fire better than Puff (the magic dragon, that is).

If you truly believe competition is none when it comes to your lyrical content, enter this Hip Hop contest and you may win $10,000, inclusion in some promotional material, be in New York City for their 2nd Annual Hip Hop Honors awards show, AND hook up with a record label executive. They should make it obvious on the "how to participate" page that you can also mail in your video as well as uploading it, which is key since this is a national contest and there are levels of technology resourcefulness.

I used to try and rhyme way back when. I won't divulge my identity, but if you're out there Females Finesse (Tanjy, Stacia, Renee), give MC Smurfy a shout out. I know, the name is embarrassing. A boy I used to like said I was cute like Smurfette. Go figure that I went for it AND was proud.

"We are Females Finesse. We are not like the rest. We'll make you want to dance. And put you in a trance." Whew, it amazes me what the brain can store and sometimes flashbacking isn't such a good thing.


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