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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Beatsounds' Digital Locket EMP-ZII

I haven't tried it out yet, but I did manage to see one of Beatsounds' Digital Locket EMP-ZII Wearable MP3 players. It's really very cutesy/girlie, but because it's also cool I can picture a dude rockin' it in any of the available flavas - red, white, titanium black, or silver (from what I can tell from my research).

Shaped like an egg, it claims to be the world's smallest MP3 player. It has a color photo display (that's another cool point) and I love the neckstrap action. It can be adjusted by just pulling the earphone cords and if the ear plugs fall out of your ears, it doesn't just swing and dangle or just drop to the floor - it falls smartly off of your shoulder, just like when you purposely take it out to hear something. Just enough storage, up to 512 MB and PC/Mac compatible.

If I ever actually use it, I'll comment on the usability and sound clarity. So, Beatsounds...I NEED ONE!

Photo Credit: Beatsounds,


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