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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Not Gizmodo...Gizmondo

Nintendo DS and Sony PSP...move over. No, not the first on the block, but definitely a down the road neighbor. Or should I say state neighbor. With only a handful of US retailers (not sure if it's sold at these stores), the Gizmondo is the newest in multi-functional handhelds. Yes, it dices, it slices...oh wait, wrong infomercial. It has just about everything anyone can ever want in entertainment mobility - gaming with GPRS technology, a digital camera, MP3 and video capability, messaging functions, GPS tracking and mapping, and Bluetooth wireless technology, all with a 400MHZ processor and a 2.8" LCD color screen. Starting at $229.00 on the Gizmondo site, it surely seems like during this holiday season that the competition has come to town.

As an added (pun intended) benefit for advertisers and marketers, it plays up to 3 commercials everyday called Smart Ads. In-game advertisement has received mixed reviews from gamers, but Gizmondo is hoping that with targeted ads, since owners would register and answer questions, that the ads won't feel so intrusive. Not sure of the rotation or impressions, but something to think about considering gamers are the largest growing public, surprisingly comprising of approximately 40% women and 17% who are 55 and older.

What I found simultaneously confusing and interesting was that I thought Gizmodo, the highly-visited gadget blog, created a new handheld. I thought to myself, 'Media Mavin, how completely cool is that.' I searched for a minute before realizing it was an entirely different company. Gizmodo, give it some thought if it's not already in development, and uh, be sure to send one to me pre-launch so I can rate/post it!

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