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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Now THAT'S BIG in '05 Awards

OK. So, like many of you, I visit ifilm every once in awhile to check out the latest mini clips of the sometimes serious, sometimes ridiculous videos and came across this one. I never really liked The Partridge Family and still can't accept that the Danny from the show is now the Danny from Breaking Bonaduce (mainly because, yes, he is a loud train wreck with an annoying little man voice). I guess VH1 really wants to break him, and wouldn't you know it, he's broken! Although this video is all about what's REALLY BIG - viral support for their show.

The video is for mature audiences (which makes those not mature REALLY want to check it out). As a disclamer, ifilm has posted the following prior to viewing and I agree: The content you requested is intended for viewing by mature audiences only. Some viewers may be offended by the content. So, by clicking on this link you are certifying that you are 18 or older.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Hello Moto

Or hello another Motorola Razr product. Wanna know how to make your bifocals look cool (or look as though your glasses have a growth)? Go-go gadget answer the call on my prescription shades - introducing Razrwire, bluetooth technology on Oakley eyewear that's hands-free and wireless. Looking at the picture, it sits on your ear, not behind it, so how comfortable can that be? And doesn't he look 007ish? Can he see through me? Can he hear my thoughts? The voices say he can.

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Friday, November 04, 2005

Consumer Consumption Customization Generation

The way we consume our media today is so completely different then from "back-in-the-day" when some of us were growing up. We were our mother's remote control for a 13" TV with channels 2 through 13. Mix (cassette) tapes were recordings from the radio. White out was our method of correcting mistakes on typewriters. And (get this), we went to the library for information. Preposterous, I know.

Nowadays, thanks to busier and busier and busier lifestyles, advertisers and marketers must cater to the Consumer Consumption Customization Generation. Indeed, the CCCG. Fewer people are watching programs according to when the channel wants to air it, which means missed/skipped commercials. It's when the viewer wants, or for that matter has a chance, to watch it. Between DVRs, VODs, and TiVo, it's no wonder companies are turning to online to provide current, exclusive, and classic content. Check out these broadband bandits: VH1 VSpot, MTV Overdrive, Comedy Central Motherload, and Lifetime Video Lounge.