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Monday, December 05, 2005

Made 4 ME

Made 4 ME. Kind of catchy, I think (since I made it up). It refers to "made for mobile entertainment." We all know that nowadays everything is about me...well you. What you want and when you want it. Scenario: you're sitting at the airport waiting for your flight, but you're not reading the paper or listening to your MP3 player, you're watching video content made exclusively for your cell phone. It's the latest way to connect to the mobile mobiles. Check out the mobile mini-series from MTV and Motorola entitled "Head and Body," a headless body and his hapless head (available in several languages). You can download the English version here. If anyone finds demo suitable cell phone content for me to check out let me know, since this is obviously for younger audiences. No, I haven't watched it, but it is MTV. By the way, I'm 30...something.


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